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Our shipping Policy

We aim to make your every shopping experience with us pleasant and enjoyable .. Our  products are manufactured by the Children of Shalva under close supervision and we aim to meet our professional expectations . We endevour to offer you the best and fastest shipping options available. and complete orders as quickly as possible. Please note that we reserve the right to notify you within 48 hours if we have run out of the desired item.

Shipping options

We offer two options for shipping. The main option we offer is standard Airmail using Israel post which is called ECO POST. This shipping option is an economy shipping option which is available for Items under 2 KG or 4.4 LB.


CO POST Shipping

ECO POST shipping is a safe and fast way for you to receive your order. ECO POST Shipping is offered to most countries around the world ECO POST Shipping is an Israel post service which offers fast and trackable shipping. To see if you order is eligible for ECO POST Shipping please refer to Israel post website. With ECO POST shipping a tracking number will be provided and you will be able to track your order seamlessly. if item is stuck in customs for some reason you may not receive updates regarding the situation. We recommend you contact us with any questions regarding your order update and we will be happy to answer you. Your order will arrive at your doorstep and in some circumstances arrive at a shipping Hun close to your door.

. Usually your item will arrive between 8-14 business days depending on the season and depending on your location. If you are shipping to the US your order can and will arrive quickly, During high volume shipping periods your order may take longer than the designated time period. in any case of orders outside Israel that customs require additional payment for the release of the items it is the buyers responsibility to release and pay any charges that may be added to the package.


Shipping in Israel

In Israel we use shipping service RIMON which is a fast and professional courier service that ships all around Israel
















 Overseas Shipping Cost
















FEDEX Shipping

FedEx is one of the word leaders of shipping and your order will reach you incredibly fast. Orders in the US will arrive in between 3-4 days or even less depending on East or West coast shipping location. FedEx shipping will be offered to you at the checkout and when selected you will receive a tracking number and an estimated shipping duration. We must notify you that in some instances you may be required to pay some extra tax charges in order to release your order from customs. An option for people needing there items quickly, we offer FedEx shipping as expedited option at a fixed shipping price. If you are ordering large quantities of items we will also use FedEx shipping in order to create a smooth and fast service.

How is the shipping price calculated?

We have created  a system of shipping charges that are easily calculated that provide you easy

How does it work?

Your order status will be change to “Shipped” you will then receive a tracking number for RIMON shipping service.

You will then receive a SMS forRIMON asking you when the best time is for you to receive your order and if you would like to change to location of delivery. Once you have selected the preferred location and have scheduled your preferences your order will reach you quickly. For very distant locations like EILAT or Golan heights orders make take longer to arrive. If you did not receive a SMS from TAMNON please contact us as quickly as possible so we can figure out the situation. It is extremely important for you to supply a mobile number for your order or your order will take longer to reach you.

Pick up in store

. Shipping fees will not apply if you select the store pick up option. When checking out you will be able to select “Pick up in store” when you reach the final checkout and  notification when your order is ready for pick up. This will usually take between 24-48 hours. Selecting “Pick up in Store” is the best method to ensure you will receive your desired item. For any questions referring to this option please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

For any questions regarding your order status please contact us as soon as possible.

Item is broken or damaged

We do our absolute best to get the most beautiful and high quality items to you but sometimes issues may occur which may be our fault or a third party’s .if such a mistake occurs we stand behind our products and its is a priority to ensure complete customer satisfaction.. You must notify us in writing within 21 days of receiving your order, if you do not contact us in the  required time we will not be able to refund or replace your order.

Shipping address:
Shalva Shop
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Email  shalvashop

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